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Stage 2 - Week 1

At home learning for students in stage 2

Stage 2 teachers have setup many activities on Google Classroom. The following link is a document containing information for parents about Google Classroom.

Morning Session: Select an English activity each day

  • What’s in the Box? Choose an item to hide in a box and write a detailed description of that item. Read your description to a family member. Can they guess what item is in the box?
  • Fact or Fiction - Write a letter to a family member telling them about what you did yesterday. Add some fictional details and have them guess which details are fact or fiction.
  • Monitoring - When reading a text: 1.Write words that are unfamiliar to you and look them up in a dictionary or ask someone what they mean. 2.Write a sentence in your own words for each of the unfamiliar words you have found.
  • Predicting - When reading a text: Look at the cover/title and ask yourself. What do you predict the text will be about? What will happen in the text? Ask a family member and see if they agree with you then read the text together to see if your prediction was correct.
  • The Great Debate - Do students learn best at school or at home? Pick a side and write a speech with reasons to support your argument.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly - Make a sandwich. Then write a recipe for your sandwich. If a family member followed your recipe, would their sandwich look the same?
  • Visualising - Read a chapter or section of a book (with no pictures) and draw what you are picturing in your head when you read it.
  • Questioning - Write down 3 questions that you would like to ask the author of a book you have recently read.

Middle Session: - Select a Maths activity each day

  • Whole Number - Research the distance between your home town and 5 other towns in another state. Write each distance in numbers and in words.
  • Addition and Subtraction - Write as many addition and subtraction number sentences as you can using the numbers 4, 6 and 10.
  • It’s the same - Fold your page in half and create a pattern on one side - give it to a friend or family member to copy your side to make a symmetrical pattern.
  • It goes on and on and on - Create a recurring pattern that uses four or more colours and covers your entire page
  • Multiplication - Draw visual representations for 7 x 2, 8 x 5 and 6 x 10. Write a sentence to explain each drawing. Write 5 real-life word problems that need to be solved using multiplication. Answer each problem and show your working.
  • Flip the bottle... - Calculate how many times you attempt to flip the bottle and how many times you can flip a bottle to standing position in one minute. Then calculate the probability of doing it again based on your results. Extend - Challenge a family member or change the amount of water in the bottle. does this help?
  • Angles - Hunt around your house and search for as many right angles as possible. Sketch them and mark the right angle using a different colour. Extend - Can you find acute or obtuse angles around your house?
  • Addition and Subtraction - Write 5 real-life word problems that need to be solved using addition or subtraction. Answer each problem and show your working. Consider using 2, 3, 4 & 5 digit numbers.

Afternoon Session: Select any activity you like that interests you

  • Disco Ball - Choose your favourite song. Create and rehearse a dance to this song that includes a ball as your prop.
  • Drama - Using a ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ Approach, act out an emotion to someone you trust in your family. You may choose to visually record your acting and upload it to your Google Classroom for your teacher to view.
  • UnbeLEAFable - Collect different types of leaves from around the neighbourhood or your backyard. Put a piece of paper over one leaf at a time and colour over the top to reveal the pattern of the leaves. Use a different colour for each leaf.
  • Science - Landscape - Draw a map of your backyard and label the features of the landscape. Now imagine you had to bury treasure in your backyard. Mark this spot with an ‘X’ on your map and explain why you would bury it there.
  • Australian Celebrations - Australia Day, NAIDOC Week, ANZAC Day and Harmony Day are all Australian Celebrations. Create a mind-map and draw a picture to describe how your family celebrates an Australian Celebration.
  • Keep the Balloon Up - Blow up 3-5 balloons and try to keep them from hitting the floor. Ask someone to time it for you and record your best score.

At Home Spelling 

  • Rainbow Words - Write each of your words using a different colour for every letter.
  • Sentences - Choose 4 words and write a sentence for each word. E.g. some: I would like to buy some​ lollies from the shop.
  • Syllables - Choose 4 words and separate them into the syllables. 
  •  Dictionary Meanings - Choose 2 words. Find and record the meaning of each word using a dictionary. E.g. circuit: a roughly circular line, route, or movement that starts and finishes at the same place.
  • Fancy Words - Choose 5 spelling words and write them in different fonts.
  • Type - Go on the computer and type your spelling words in a word document. Type them 3 times and try to type quicker each time. Experiment with colour, fonts and size. 
  • Neatest Handwriting - Write all your words in your neatest handwriting. 
  • Stair Step - Write 3 of your words letter by letter to create a stair-looking picture.