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Spelling List - Week 9

Term 1 - Week 9 Spelling List 

Level 1

Visual - couple, course, cycle

Morphemic (rule) - edge, hedge

Phonemic (sound) - boat, toast

Etymology (history) pentagon

Level 2

Visual - crowd, crime

Morphemic (rule) - budge, grudge

Phonemic (sound) - croak, float

Etymology (history) pentangle

Level 3

Visual - mustn't, lose, loose

Morphemic (rule) - smudge, badge

Phonemic (sound) - loathsome, throat

Etymology (history) pentathlete


category, certain, charity, cheque, circuit

Extention +

belligerence, beneficial, benefited

Morphemic Rule: “dge” is used after a short vowel sound. The d is there to keep the vowel short [Hedge].

Phonemic Focus: oa

Etymology Focuspente [GREEK] = five


  1. The crime was committed after the couple jumped over the hedge and into the stolen boat.
  2. The frog’s croak was extremely hoarse after performing at the Pentagon for a large crowd.
  3. The charity has many different categories for donation, which can be more beneficial than receiving a cheque.