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Spelling List - Week 11

Term 1 - Week 11 Spelling List 

Level 1

Visual - gone, goes, ghost

Morphemic (rule) - school's boy's

Phonemic (sound) - creature, moisture

Etymology (history) antemeridian

Level 2

Visual - gaiety, gala

Morphemic (rule) - Peter's, Australia's

Phonemic (sound) - fracture, juncture

Etymology (history) anticipate

Level 3

Visual - who's, gorilla, guerrilla

Morphemic (rule) -Girl's People's

Phonemic (sound) - overture, puncture

Etymology (history) antelucan


ballistic, barbarian, bountiful, benevolent, bashful

Extention +

bereavement, bamboozle, behaviour

Morphemic Rule: Add an apostrophe and s to indicate ownership to a noun

Phonemic Focus: - ture

Etymology Focus: ante LATIN before


  1. The school’s policy meant that the puncture on Billy’s bike tyre would have him push the bike home.
  2. It can be hard to anticipate the amount of moisture needed for the Creature’s cake mixture.
  3. At this juncture, the gorilla exhibit has suffered a fracture evidenced by the how the door goes, “squeak, squeak.”