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Spelling List - Week 10

Term 1 - Week 10 Spelling List 

Level 1

Visual - fire, frozen, freeze

Morphemic (rule) - aircraft, candlestick

Phonemic (sound) - instead, tread

Etymology (history) monarch

Level 2

Visual - fought, fridge

Morphemic (rule) - cannot, cardboard

Phonemic (sound) - redhead, spread

Etymology (history) - oligarchy

Level 3

Visual - gate, gait, she'd

Morphemic (rule) - farewell, gearshift

Phonemic (sound) - bread, misread

Etymology (history) anarchy


bachelor, bankrupt, bacteria, bandage, breathtaking

Extention +

blameworthiness, beautification, bloodcurdling

Morphemic Rule: compound words are when two words are combined

Phonemic Focus: - ead

Etymology Focus: arch GREEK


  1. . The fire had spread so the firefighters said farewell to their friends as they took their water-bombing aircraft to the runway.
  2. The redhead driver made the gearshift but misread the speed needed to turn the corner, thus he ended up off the track instead.
  3. It was anarchy at the bread shop when the fridge was found frozen shut  after she’d left for the day.